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The Design Workshop for People Who Build Cities

CityDesign 2017 is a public-private investment roundtable convening industry, investment, health and municipal leaders to combine forces in addressing some of the most complex – and yet solvable – challenges facing worldwide urbanization.  The 2017 theme is “THE FUTURE OF CITIES, HEALTH, ENERGY & MOBILITY – Investing in The New Generation of Global Urban Infrastructure.”

The workshop seeks to catalyze vision, expertise, and investment. Designing – and communicating – our visions for the future of cities might be the world’s greatest business plan ever. Universities and educators need roadmaps for curricula, and city leaders need a common platform for intelligence and direction.

Key Topics

The Future of Cities, Health, Energy & Mobility

Investing in The New Generation of Global Urban Infrastructure

Wind turbine being under construcion surrounded by agricultural fields in Polish country side. Poland, Western Part. Lubuskie voivodship.
Low + Zero Carbon Electrons
Energy Security
Energy Storage
Autonomous Vehicles
EVs and Hydrogen
Shared Mobility
Air Quality
Resource Optimization
Climate Active

Special Keynote Session:

Cities of the Future: Meet The Future of Energy

Leadership Examples of Cities Reinventing Cities

A New Sense of Urgency:



Montreux Energy was founded in 1990 in Montreux, Switzerland as a private dialogue between OPEC, the International Energy Agency, oil & gas industry majors and the international banking community.

Montreux Energy has since convened over 5,000 CEO-level decision-makers in Europe, the U.S., and China.  We discuss investment, policy, and technology in a practical 5-to 10-year investment horizon.  Our continuing objective is to share strategic insights on the global transition to a clean, secure, energy world.

Montreux Energy Roundtables are exclusively reserved for industry leaders, investors, government leaders, and key stakeholders.  Participation is invitation-only and closed to the press to ensure an open dialogue.

California Clean Energy Roundtable, Half Moon Bay