Montreux Energy is pleased to present our 2017 CITYDESIGN Energy & Infrastructure Roundtable, to be held October 10-11, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Convention Center Hotel in Denver.

This year’s theme is: “Clean Energy, Smart Mobility, and Digital Cities of the Future”

CITYDESIGN is a highly impactful 2-day forum for leaders in industry, government, and education to review major developments in energy, automotive, and transportation, and how these developments are changing how we design, plan, invest in, and build major urban infrastructure projects.

      • What are the next Lyft, Tesla, Uber, etc. innovations? 
      • How are cities changing due to these new business models?
      • In 5 years, will we still be designing parking garages? 
      • If Millennials designed cities, what would they design? 
      • What are new urban economic development opportunities for Colorado & the Rocky Mountains?


With both national and local industry speakers, as well as an open format for Q&A discussion, CITYDESIGN reviews national and international trends in EV charging, hydrogen fueling, advanced energy storage, and intelligent mobility.  How are urban infrastructure projects changing, and why?

CITYDESIGN will also showcase Colorado schools, universities, and regional economic development initiatives in urban planning, STEM, and design.  We are pleased to sponsor university design, planning, real estate, and STEM teachers and professors, as well as a select group of undergraduate and graduate students.  Visit the Registration Page and select “Guest / Sponsored Educator” under attendance options.

We look forward to seeing you at CITYDESIGN!

Kind Regards,

Andrew Bermingham, CEO
Montreux Energy LLC

Key Topics

“Clean Energy, Smart Mobility, and the Digital Cities of the Future”

Low / Zero-Carbon Fuels
Advanced Energy Storage
National Energy Security
Autonomous Vehicles
EVs and Hydrogen
Shared Mobility
IoT, Connected Systems
Designed and Engineered
Risks, Disasters, Insurance


  • Gordon Feller
    Director & Consultant
    Cisco Systems & Founder, Meeting of the Minds
  • Steve Skadron
    City of Aspen
  • Brad Buchanan
    Exec Director, Community Planning & Development
    City and County of Denver
  • Rhiannan Price
    Senior Manager, Seeing a Better World Program
  • Chris Waggett
    D4 Urban LLC
  • Brandon Owens
    Environmental Strategy & Analytics Director
    GE Ecomagination
  • Dr David Hart
    Imperial College London and Director
    E4Tech Lausanne
  • Elizabeth Christoforetti
    Design Lead
  • Dr. Bryan Pivovar
    Senior Scientist, Fuel Cell R&D
  • David Kang
    Vice Chancellor for Infrastructure and Safety
    University of Colorado Boulder
  • Kristen Taddonio
    Compact of Colorado Communities
  • Jack Paterson
    Aide to Councilwoman Debbie Ortega
    Denver City Council
  • Wes Maurer
    Director, Intelligent Transportation Systems
    Colorado Department of Transportation
  • Sarah Singleton
    Senior Vice President, Marketing
  • Mahesh Albuquerque
    Director of the Division of Oil and Public Safety (OPS)
    Colorado Department of Labor
  • Andrew Bermingham
    Montreux Energy
  • Ron Rorrer, PhD, PE
    Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering
    UC Denver
  • Richard Stuebi
    Founder & Director
    Future Energy Advisors
  • Dr. Bryan Willson
    Executive Director, Energy Institute & Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Colorado State University
  • Thomas Feiler
    VP Commercialization
    Nikola Power
  • Dr. Barbara Jackson
    Director, Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate & Construction Management
    University of Denver
  • Tim Jackson
    Colorado Auto Dealers Association
  • Dr. Christopher Borroni-Bird
    Research Associate, Future Mobility
    MIT Media Labs
  • Charles Sprague
    Department Chair, STEM Program and Shell EcoMarathon Team
    Wheat Ridge High School

A New Sense of Urgency:



Montreux Energy was founded in 1990 in Montreux, Switzerland as a private dialogue between OPEC, the International Energy Agency, oil & gas industry majors and the international banking community.

Montreux Energy has since convened over 5,000 CEO-level decision-makers in Europe, the U.S., and China.  We discuss investment, policy, and technology in a practical 5-to 10-year investment horizon.  Our continuing objective is to share strategic insights on the global transition to a clean, secure, energy world.

Montreux Energy Roundtables are exclusively reserved for industry leaders, investors, government leaders, and key stakeholders.  Participation is invitation-only and closed to the press to ensure an open dialogue.

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